Month: March 2016

I remember the first time someone showed me. There, in that infamous story in Genesis: In the Garden of Eden, Eve holds the future of all humanity in her hand as she decides whether or not to heed the serpent’s words and cede to temptation. She takes a bite, and then upon discovering it tastes good, turns to Adam. Wait, what? TURNS TO ADAM!?!? You mean to tell me he was right there when this was happening? Yup. And he did nothing? Yup. I was floored. Thoughts and questions raced through my mind. How could he allow that to happen? He should have done something. He knew better. He should have intervened. Well, would you have done the same? Okay, maybe it's difficult to place yourself there, but can we really trash Adam all that much? Are we not guilty of the same failure to act? An honest look at our lives shows we too are “sons of Adam.” We too fail to act even in the clearest of situations. Adam's problem is our problem, and it isn't limited to when a lady is involved and needs saving! A key part of manhood is taking initiative and doing the things that need “getting done.” Adam should have taken the initiative and done something. Rather than sit by and watch his wife be deceived, he should have told the serpent to get lost. Often we tell ourselves we’ll act on the big stuff- the stuff that “matters,” but the little things aren’t as important. Yet reality shows if you are inactive in the little things, you won't act when it matters either. Part of Living to L.A.S.T's core values, the letter “A” stands for “ACT on what you do know.” No matter your age, knowledge, place of responsibility or skill level, we can probably all think of things we know we should be doing and just don't. You should be eating healthier and exercising You should be reading your Bible and praying regularly You should be holding the door open for people You should be spending more time with your wife and/or kids You should go to bed earlier You should spend less and save more money You should ….You fill in the blank! The “big stuff” probably won’t come around every day, but I say the “big stuff” is in the little things. For when you are faithful in the little things, you can be counted on when the things that “matter” happen. True character is shown in the little actions of everyday life. You want to be the first one to respond when someone needs help? Then be the first to respond when the trash needs to be taken out. Train your servant’s heart. Train in selflessness. Train your eyes to see the needs of others, and respond rather than pass by. Being a man does NOT mean waiting for serpent to make his move, it means crushing the serpent before he can. Get out there and ACT on what you already know!