Month: September 2016

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this months Service Project in Lewiston, ME on Sept. 17th. I have to confess that it felt a little like being on Extreme House Makeover. We had the wonderful opportunity to work on a trailer home for a lady who was recovering from recent health complications. The home badly needed new carpet in the living room and hallway. Holes in the original carpeting had caused her to trip in the past. Additionally, the kitchen area had actually been carpeted at one point in time and was in bad shape. Lastly, the kind lady had long wished to someday have a living room window that actually opened so she could enjoy more fresh air. Living to L.A.S.T linked up with 20 guys of all ages and tackled the job. With carpet gone in no time, a large team tackled the old adhesive with scrappers, brushes and cleaning agents to prepare the floor for the new carpet. With more guys then there was room to work in the trailer, another team got to work cleaning the exterior of her home along with the lawn and garden areas. By lunch the grounds were pruned, raked, weeded, pressure washed and mulched. Living to L.A.S.T was blessed to have some friends no only donate lunch but come and prepare it all for us. So with the smell of burgers and hotdogs in the air, we all enjoyed a break to refuel. Andrew presented us with some thoughts about the Latin phrase that had been selected for Living to L.A.S.T's logo. It reads “Vivite Pro Aliis” which is translated “Live for others.” Andrew encouraged us to remember that at the heart of truly living like a man is living selflessly in the small ways and the big ways as was modeled for us by Christ Jesus. With extra food still to eat the neighborhood kids and families were invited to come and join us. Smiles were abundant and the joy of sharing could be felt by everyone. Full from lunch, we broke back into teams to complete our mission. New carpet was getting installed by one group of guys. Another was working on cutting and fitting the linoleum in the kitchen. A close friend and connection with Portland Glass had arrived with a donated window for the living room and it was well on its way to be installed. Feeling the squeeze for space again, a team of 4 men broke off and went door to door in the trailer park until they found a neighbor in need of assistance. Rot in the floor of two rooms had left the owner with holes large enough to put furniture down through. Materials were already on site but the lady was trying to get it done herself with little experience. With time working against them the team managed to shore up and add the needed floor joists to support the new floor. Plywood was cut to fit and the project was left ready for the owner to nail it down and keep moving forward. This entry does not provide the space to share the details of the blessings and joys of the entire day. Needless to say, the work that we set out to complete was finished. The entire neighborhood was excited to see the work and encouraged to know that it was happening for a lady many enjoyed having as part of the community for around 20 years. Many man hours were spent for a great cause and we all wish we could be there when the owner gets to open the door to her home to see the surprise that awaits! Keep up the good work guys. Until next time: Learn. Act. Serve. Train .