Month: October 2016

There are a lot of ways you can spend a Saturday. There is always that list of things you need to get done. There is usually a list of things you want to do. My experience over the past two years with Living to L.A.S.T has put their events on my WANT to do list! If you have never been able to get in on the action, don't miss out in the future. Every month we get a chance to help people who need the assistance or learn more skills that will enable us to help others in the future. This last Service Project was in Lewiston, ME and we worked on a house that will be opening in November as the Children's Advocacy Center serving the Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford Counties. This house will serve as a welcoming location with an intimate atmosphere where children, accompanied by their families, can meet with counselors and the necessary interviewers whenever a child has experienced abuse in any way. The house is set up to allow the essential law enforcement and third party members to observe from a separate room via audio and visual feed. This entire setup allows for the least amount of additional strain on a child and family who have experienced such horrible acts. As a non-profit themselves, the Children's Advocacy Center has relied on donations and fund raising to make the necessary renovations to the building. Money is begin to run thin and there is a decent amount of work to still get done. Living to L.A.S.T. brought in 12 guys to help for the day. Coupled with 6-7 other gentlemen who came to put in some community service hours we had a huge crew and tackled a ton of work. The main goal was the flooring for the entire first floor. It consisted of 5 rooms and a bathroom. Most of the preparations had been made. The installation of the new laminate flooring was what awaited us. Breaking into crews to tackle the different rooms, there was something for everyone to do. Because we had so many helpers, some were even able to work on sanding the handicap ramp railings. (See more pictures of the day!) During lunch we investigated the value of men needing to lock together in life with other men in order to fulfill their purpose. Taking our illustration from the flooring we had been working with all day, we discussed the danger of being alone in life vs sharing life with other men. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” We took the illustration of the flooring one step further to talk about how the laminate flooring, even when locked together appropriately, is only as strong as the foundation it rests on. In like fashion, we can be linked together with other men, but when the foundation of our unity is non-existent we still are weak. Jesus Christ and the power of his life lived, sacrificed and resurrected serves as the ultimate foundation for us to lay our lives, in unity, together on. By the end of the day we had finished the installation of the floors in ALL the rooms! (Check out our before and after photos). We had even begun putting finishing touches on the baseboard in the living room and had been able to stain the railings on the ramp. Living to L.A.S.T owes a huge shout out to the guys that came to put in their community serve hours. Some of those guys had even done flooring before so they cranked out a huge amount of the work. The whole day proved to be a huge blessing for everyone involved and the amount of work that was completed exceeded everyone's expectations! There are always other things that can be done on a Saturday. What did yours consist of? This was an awesome way to spend the day. Other things can wait – there are children and families that need this place now! There are people in need all around you. What are you doing to change that? Are you trying to live this life on your own? Do you have other brothers to unite with on the only sure foundation that can make a difference in this world? If not, get in the action!! Join us as we seek to Learn – Act – Serve – Train.