Month: January 2017

New Year Happy New Years to you all. Thanks for continuing to check in and see what is going on at Living to L.A.S.T. This past service project was a full day with a lot of new faces. I want to continue to extend an open invitation to any other guys who are curious about joining us. Please do! The need for men who are willing to sacrifice and serve others in today's society is huge. Hard-pressed, exploited and people in serious need of assistance are in every community. We can not continue to make a difference without you joining us on this mission!      The Parallel Mission January 21st was a day for us to join forces with a ministry in Westbrook, ME called The Transformation Project. Their aim, through several approaches, is to help incarcerated young adults transition back into the community. They offer them training, mentoring, employment opportunities, community involvement and other such things that will best support them as they step back into the world on their own. The Transformation Project just recently acquired a new building to call their home. The vision for this building includes everything from office and conference spaces to a cafe and actual housing for several candidates. Check them out here for more information.      The Action Our goal this Saturday was to help them begin the large list of renovation work that must be done in order for the building to become the multi-use facility they have envisioned. The turn out was humbling and encouraging. Twenty to twenty-five guys came out to swing hammers, run saws, lift heavy objects, demolish and build. The workforce moved in constant motion as everyone had something to do and when one project become completed, guys were eager to jump into whatever was next.     A great BBQ chicken sandwich and Caesar salad lunch was provided as we all rallied during break to be encouraged with our life's focus. Men desire two things in their hearts at all times: 1. a mission to be on and 2. a team to be on mission with. Andrew Ochsner challenged us with these points and exhorted us to consider how we can better apply our lives to make sure we have a team and a mission. Ken Hawley, Executive Director of The Transformation Project, was blown away by the work that was accomplished and was so blessed to see the vision begin to become a reality. (check out some pictures of the day!) Living to L.A.S.T has long discussed how we might partner with The Transformation Project and this is just the beginning! There is still more work to be done! Stay tuned because it is our aim to be there again next month. Bring a friend next time or come on out for the first time. Remember STAY ON MISSION and find a TEAM to be on that mission with. You are always welcome to join us in ours! Till next time... LEARN. ACT. SERVE. TRAIN