Month: February 2017

Back Again The sun was out and the temperatures were oddly warm for February in Maine this past Saturday. A welcomed change from the past week of constant large snow storms. As we had hoped, we were in fact able to return this past Saturday to continue helping The Transformation Project. For more on who they are and what they do, check out our last blog post. The TTP staff put in lots of hard work behind the scene this month, but it sure paid off! "Hammer Time" With all the correct permits in place, we were able to fully jump into the demo work. Before hammers and pry bars started swinging, we moved the rest of the valuable goods out of the way. After that we divided and conquered. We put some guys on removing doors and some on removing all the various types of electrical covers. Others worked on salvaging parts of a bathroom that was due for destruction. This quickly lead way to the main event of ripping down drywall, studs, and ceilings! We made quick work to transform a sterile looking office area into piles of rubble and dust. See more pictures of the day. By lunch time we had the bathroom gutted, several walls down, and a good pile in the dumpster.    After stopping for a brief word about being men that see and stand in the gaps in the "wall" of our society and world, it was time for lunch.  While lunch was not as extravagant this time, every one was so hungry that silence fell upon us for the first time all day as everyone stuffed face. Quickly after though, the guys were anxious to get back to work. While some (including the guy writing this) were still working on "cleaning up" the plates of cookies and chips, many were already dragging loads of drywall to the dumpster. In not much time we had both ceilings down and the rest of the walls down. It was a flurry of dust, debris, and testosterone, but everyone was smiling and enjoying the work. "The Unveiling" As more drywall and framing had been pulled down through out the day, more of the original building could begin to be seen. While many worked vacuums, shovels and brooms to clean up the mess, some got to show the TTP staff some of what had been behind the walls. They were excited to be able to lay eyes on some of the original timber beams and brick work that they hope to feature in the future cafe!     When the dust settled we had a 30 yard dumpster full of rubble and the beginning of a clear canvas for TTP to begin to build. While in a way the work has just begun there, in many other ways this is the fruit of years of hard work by the TTP staff. We were blessed to be able to help make their vision one step closer to a reality. Until next time... LEARN. ACT. SERVE. TRAIN