Month: June 2017

Divide and Conquer Last month's efforts in Wardtown Park left us hungry to come back and finish everything we had to leave undone. The plan was simple – divide up into 3 teams and tackle all the remaining jobs we had committed to in the neighborhood. This Spring's weather has been lacking in many ways but God was gracious and the skies were clear. The homeowners had been grateful and gracious for the work that we had done as well as trusting us on our promise to return and finish what we had started. It was time to prove good on our word. One Step at a Time David led his team of three to tackle the removal and rebuilding of a set of exterior stairs. The old ones (which we had first viewed when there was still snow on the ground) were essentially unusable and yet this was the homeowner's primary entrance in and out of the house everyday. The new pressure treated steps now offer her a safe and solid means of egress in and out of her home. David's team also replaced the side of her shed which was rotten and falling off. Over the years she had added pieces of vinyl siding to try to hold it together and cover the holes. It was time for an overhaul and the guys did a great job. She can continue to use her shed for years to come.    The last piece of the puzzle at their site was the replacement of a window that had been smashed out by a limb from this past winter's ice and wind. The homeowner had managed to salvage a window from a mobile home in the neighborhood before it was demolished. Brandon was able to slip away from his team's site towards the end of the day and help get that window in. Be sure to check out the before and after photos from the whole day. Like Father, Like Son Nathan led a small father son team to tackle two different project sites. The first involved going back to finish some tasks we had not been able to complete last month such as: securing the remaining cross bracing in the gentlemen's shed as well as removing and replacing a rotten facia board on one corner of the roof.  This job site also held a unique opportunity. The homeowner's grandson stays with him on a regular basis but had nothing more than an air mattress to sleep on. We sent word out through our networks last month and we had someone donate an entire bed, mattress set and sheets. Praise the Lord! It was so great to bless the homeowner with this surprise and help set it all up first thing in the morning.    After these boxes could be checked this team headed across the street to help a lady who is legally blind. In this home the guys pushed with the rest of the time left in the day to repaint the bathroom ceiling and update the bathroom floor with some adhesive tiles. The two youngest members of this team were 4 and 8 years old and those little men put in some solid work that day. Picked a fight with wrong guys Brandon led the largest team of the day to go back and finish the “fight” we had started with a roof that got the best of us the month before. The team broke into a small group of two to finish the roofing, and a group of five to work inside to remove and replace the ceiling under the new roof. The previous water damage had been so bad that parts of the ceiling had fallen in creating a hole allowing water to come right into the house every time it rained. The crew working inside dove in by first assisting the homeowner with some “Spring cleaning” in order to access the ceiling. It took all seven guys the entire day but we left the home owner with a new section of roof and ceiling that would keep her dry with the coming spring rains.    Closing out another Project In the end it made for another long day. You can check out more photos from the day. The last of the guys that came out for the project headed home at 5:00pm. While we strive to organize our service projects so that we can wrap up at 3:00, it just doesn't always work out the way you plan. Thank you so much for everyone who helped the past 2 months!! We literally could not have done it without you and the impact we made on each home is substantial. All of the instructors at Living to L.A.S.T are overjoyed to partner with each of you. For all you who have joined us in the past – be proud of what you have accomplished and may it inspire you to the higher calling of manhood. For the rest of you who have not yet gotten a chance to join us, the invitation is always open and we look forward to seeing future. Until then... Learn. Act. Serve. Train.