Operation: Wardtown Park Part 1

The Call

This past month we packed up our gear, tools and supplies and headed to Wardtown Park. The goal was to help out several people who were in need of some extra help. Wardtown Park is a co-op style mobile home park in Freeport, Maine that has some wonderful people who live there. We had connected with the board of the park and were excited to get the call to help. The Plan was to arrive in the morning and break into three teams. Each team would have a home to work on.

The Stair People

Team 1 was all about stairs! They started in the back of the home with the majority of their tasks revolving around the small back deck. The stairs to it were beat and supported through some sketchy “techniques.” They worked to tear down the old stairs and rebuild a new set of stairs with a new railing. While they were at it, there were some spots of the railing that went around the deck that needed to be reworked and freshly supported to be more stable. The entire deck also bounced due to insufficient bracing underneath the decking. Team 1 built a cross brace under the middle of the deck to support the joists that had too large a span. This successfully took the bounce out of the deck and stiffened up everything

Lastly Team 1 shifted to the front to pull up and re-level a set of cast concrete steps that had sunk multiple inches in the front making it a dangerous slop in the winter. This team killed it and had all the steps into the home secured and tasks completed before the end of the day. We had Team 1 fold in on Team 2 to help them finish up.

The Shed Movers

Team 2 had a interesting mix of tasks to do to help an elderly military veteran.  Like Team 1, this team also had to rebuild a set of stairs that were in really bad shape. They also worked to repair a section of the man’s roof that had begun to peel away and fold back. With these two things complete the final task of the day was the main event!

Team 2, now with the help of team 1, built what would be the new floor for this man’s shed. His existing shed floor had completely rotted through and had caused the shed to rack severally. Despite this however, the remaining walls and roof were in ok shape. At lunch we assembled all the teams and picked up the walls and roof all as one piece off the old floor. Once the new floor was build and freshly leveled on new blocks, the entire rest of the shed was dropped back on and re-attached!


The Roofers

Team 3 had the initial assignment of repairing and re-shingling the roof of an addition to an elderly lady’s home. Once the team got started, things got real. The team removed what was left of the shingling material and it was clear all the roof sheathing needed to be replaced. Once the first section of roof sheathing was removed, it then became clear that all of the joists where extremely compromised on the addition. Segments of the joists were the consistency of bark mulch! The team quickly adapted and made a new plan to re-frame the entire section of roof on the addition. A fast trip to the lumber yard was made and the team was able to get half of the roof framed and temporarily roofed until our return in May.



In the end the “game” went into overtime. A variety of things still needed to be finished and cleaned up before we could drive away. It was a privilege to see all the fellas come together past the normal 3pm ending time. Without speaking a word, each team meet up together and as one collective team we ensured that everything was finished and picked up.  This was a huge win for us!! The mission inside of the mission for us at Living To L.A.S.T. is to create an environment where brothers are born out of adversity. On this day we got to see a glimpse of that.

Until next time…..