Operation: Joint Effort

Joint Effort

We know we aren’t alone out there, we know there are a lot of other organizations seeking to help people. We were excited because this month’s service project gave us a unique chance to link arms with one of those other organizations – Habitat for Humanity. Founded in 1976 Habitat for Humanity has become a world leader in tackling the problem of affordable housing. They believe that by helping to provide decent shelter for people in need it empowers them to build a better future for themselves and their families.

figure 1: men full of bbq ribs after laboring together on a house

For us at Living to L.A.S.T their vision of providing for those who would not normally be able to provide for themselves is right in step with the heartbeat of our organization. Also Nathan attended college with the Construction Manager in the Portland office, so we were pumped to see if our organizations could join efforts. Habitat is very active through out Maine so we were invited to help out any time we could at one of their largest projects in Scarborough, ME. The overall housing project includes a total of 13 homes with several already completed and a couple well on the way.

Geared up and ready to go

The group of guys who turned out to help, as it just so happened, all had some prior experience with household construction. Ryan was our Habitat for Humanity Manager for the day and was really excited to have such a skilled group join him and eager to see if we could help them catch up on areas where they were behind schedule.

We broke into teams working to insulate the bulkhead mudroom, sheet rock the ceiling in the basement, hang all the doors throughout the house, finish decking along with a punch list of small items along the way. The eight of us who came out for the service project were joined not just by Ryan but also by the man who will be a homeowner across the street from the house we were working on. He was putting in some of his ‘sweat equity’ hours towards the construction of his families new home.

figure 2: men stretching

figure 3: man waves at camera

We all had a lot of fun and the days work gave us all multiple opportunities to enjoy chatting and sharing stories along the way. Grateful to be working indoors with the winter temperatures still holding on, by lunch time the sun was strong in the sky and the temperatures had become quite pleasant. We broke for a delicious lunch from Famous Dave’s BBQ including ribs, chicken, coleslaw and the rest of the works.

figure 4: man fuel

The Inner Man

Lunch time always provides us with an opportunity to be challenged by a devotional moment on what it means to be a man. This sunny afternoon was no different as Brandon Neujahr laid out for us the reality of needing to surrender, sacrifice and suffer for those around us. The hardest part of the challenge being that it is hardly ever in the big movie-like moments that these three things are required of us. Instead it is in the daily routine of life that we find ourselves needing to surrender, sacrifice, and suffer. The laying down of our will, our wants, our desires, our free-time. It is a lifestyle of these smaller moments done well that ensures we live in the fullness of our manhood making a difference in the lives of those around us.

Stop Reading and Join

Don’t wait any longer. We continue to encourage any guys out there reading this to come out and join us. Once a month we give up a Saturday to stretch ourselves a bit, be exhorted towards a higher life call and learn some skills that might help us be a blessing to others in need. In the process we enjoy some great times, good food and meet other men with a similar passion in their hearts. No prior experience is necessary – just a willingness to learn. The needs around us in this world are endless. Society hungers to see men rise to meet these needs and stand in the gap for others.

For more pictures and updates, until next time….